Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I decided to finally get in the loop and post something to my blog. I've had an empty blog for almost 6 months now. . . I am such a procrastinator when it comes to things like this.

The Fisherman and his Sidekick!

We went fishing a couple of weeks ago up Fish Creek. Its up by Schofield. Derek did most of the fishing since I am a horrible fly fisher-woman. Infact, he banned me from using his pole anymore that day after I lost about 2 or so flys in the trees. He said we have to practice in the yard with NO flys on, before I'm ready for the big fish. Whatever!

Derek in his fishing attire. What a Nerdo!!! A cute Nerdo, nevertheless.

It's all about the technique. . .that's what they tell me!

Derek's 2 biggest catches of the day! He's one happy guy!

Just what I do best!!!

The scenery was beautiful. It had been snowing all morning so the mountains and the trees looked gorgeous. I'm not that great of a photographer so I couldn't catch the real beauty.

What's worse than a husband as a fisherman? A husband that is a fisher-cook. Here's Derek devouring his fresh catch! He looks so happy! He never looks that happy when he's eating my homemade dinner each night!