Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lake Powell

Lake Powell, otherwise known as "The Greatest Place On Earth" in the dictionary of the Whimpey family, has come and gone again. It was a good trip and always adventerous when Dad is along. Mom made the best food and kept our stomachs full from sun up to way past sun down. Amy, Heather, and Mel and their families weren't able to come which was a bummer. The kids loved Lake Powell, even little Zeke loved the warm water.

Cael & Lance (Lance really is in the air though it looks like his foot is still on the rock)


Most of the group after cliff jumping.


Dad soaking up the water in his stylin' hat. If you are wondering sisters, he still does the "Ohs", Ahs", and groans when he jumps into cool off. His belly flop is one of the best!

Jen & Lance looking all cute!
Mom, Mara, and Enoch making their best faces.

Baby Zeke

Dad with one of his best smiles and ofcourse, his "boat hair".

Matthew brought his kayaks which were a hit.
Dale, Ann, Drew, Lauren, & Adriana ready for a boat ride.

Holly & Enoch.

Eden Jane

On the way down, the boat got a flat tire. The adventure started when Dad forgot to blow up the boat spare tire. Luckily we weren't traveling alone. Aunt Janet took Dad to Ticaboo to blow up the tire. Nice jack Daddy!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Dale & Lance braved yet another triathalon. They both did great!!!
Dale cheezin' it for the camera. He's pretty talented to be able to bike and attempt at modeling at the same time.
Lance running down the lawn of flags.

Dale, Ann, Drew, Lauren after the race

This is just a random picture I found of 4 of my beautimus sisters. Heather, Jen, Holly, Amy.

For the 24th of July we went to the Bee's game with Mel & Brock and Mom & Dad. It was way fun. Especially the fireworks.

I turned 25 last month. Sad day when you can finally say you are a 1/4 of a century. This is obviously not the greatest pic of me. But this is a good pic of how Derek wraps my presents. They just get stuck in any box that is laying around the house. This particular box contained 20 Vitamin waters (my fav drink). Believe it or not, this is a step up from last years birthday. Anyone remember the GUN??

This is us after we had just gone running in a complete downpour. Way fun, Derek's idea!

And yes, we are still in love!!!