Thursday, January 29, 2009


We thought our holidays would be completely relaxing and not busy. We were wrong. We had such a good holiday season though and found it hard to get back in the rhythm of school and work. The family all came (except Amy), to Utah in December. It was so much fun with everyone. We went snowshoeing, icefishing, sledding, and lots more! Here are a few pics of everyone.

Ice fishing at Strawberry. Max, Fischer, Isaac, Derek
Heather & Max snowshoeing
Me & Dale snowshoeing
Me, Heather, Holly snowshoeing
Charlee & Reiss getting ready to go sledding
Heath and Dad pulling the tubes behind the 4-wheeler
Sweet baby Hannah with her cute smile!
The girls (and Heath) playing dress-up. Reiss, Abbie, Mara, Charlee, Heath
We all celebrated Mom & Dad's 40th wedding anniversary by going to the temple and then having a dinner afterwards. It was so awesome to all be in the temple together. Jen put together a really neat video of Mom and Dad's lives, included all of us kids.




For Christmas, instead of buying gifts for eachother (meaning the 7 of us kids), we give the money that we would have spent and it goes towards helping other people. Each year one of us 7 kids is incharge and we get to choose what we do with the money. This year Derek and I were incharge. We decided to to hygiene kits. It was really awesome because we had all the grandkids put the kids together. They loved doing it and I think it was good for them to learn that not everyone is as fortunate as we are.




Char & Me