Thursday, December 11, 2008

Life Update

Well, I am clearly horrible at updating our blog, but I am finally out of school for 4 weeks so now I have no excuse. Here's what's been going on the last month or so.

Derek's birthday

Another hunting trip for Derek. He went with all his brothers and his dad. He was gone about 5 days and had way too much fun. I always secretly hope he doesn't kill anything so maybe he'll change his hobbies. I must not be praying hard enough yet!
Thanksgiving with the kids--way cute kids, huh!!!. We had Thanksgiving at Dale & Ann's house where we had fondu (our version of a turkey dinner). Jen & Lance and Mel & Brock also came. Not the same without Mom & Dad, but it was still a great day!!!
Temple lights and Jazz game. . . all in one night!
Laurie, Rachael, Hayden, Me

Dad went on a trip to Washington in November. I loved these pics of Amy's kids so I thought I'd post them. I miss her family like crazy and wish we saw them more.

Syd in her riding gear.
Sammi in her riding gear

Jake & Dad went fishing while he was there. Here's one of the many fish they caught. Derek was really jealous when he saw these pics.