Friday, August 1, 2008

The Fisherman and His Sidekick Part II

Yes, the fly fishing continues at the Kohler home. . .not necessarily by choice. I once again got wrapped into going fishing with Derek. This time we went up AF Canyon. I brought a book and read while Derek tried to master the art of catching a gross slimey thing. Here's a few pics.

Derek balancing while casting into the perfect hole!

The balancing act was worth it! He smiles better when he's posing with a fish than when he's posing with me. Don't you think?!?

I had finally had it. I told Derek I wanted to fish. He reluctantly gives in. I bounce up on the two rocks and begin balancing. As in my first fly fishing experience, my casting was horrific. I was about done when I stepped back off the rocks and felt a slight, ever so slight tug. I told Derek I had a fish. He didn't believe me at first, until he saw my line going down stream. The hilarious scene begins to unfold from here since I have never caught a fish on a fly pole and I was doing it all wrong with the reeling in and such. The fish kept going down stream and I yanked the pole. The fish jumps and Derek begins laughing hystarically considering the fact that he had to squint to see the fish. I ended up getting the line tangled in a tree with the fish dangling from that tree still on the line. So everyone, here's the big biter that can call himself, "Heidi's First Big Catch on a Fly Pole". Bytheway, Derek still laughs when he looks at this pic. Warning. . . look closely. Derek suggests getting out your reading glasses or a magnifying glass or both in order to be able to see that what is in my hands is not the bait, but an actual CATCH.