Monday, November 2, 2009

Yes, I am the worlds worst blogger. I'm not proud of it, but I have come to terms with it. Some are addits to blogging and then there's people like me. . .an addict of not blogging. Not sure what that would make my diagnosis. Anyways, after much encouraging from a friend at school (she even made me my new name thingy at the top that has our pic on it--Thanks Jess!), I decided to put up a few pics and update the few people that read this.
This is us, incase you forgot what we look like.

This is our real faces. Derek smiling and me mad at whatever he just did!

We spent alot of the summer with my family. Here's a pic of Dale with a few of the kids. Mom & Dad have such a fun backyard to play in.
All the kids came over to Mom and Dad's on my birthday. I blew out my candles and then we had to re-lite them for every kid there so they could blow them out aswell. They are all so cute that I just can't say no.

Der is still an avid fisherman and spends most nights tieing flies. He just got back from Idaho on a 2-day fishing trip and is going to the Green River this weekend.

We had to go to California in June to my sister Heather's house--my beautiful niece Hannah passed away. She was an amazing little girl who changed many people's lives! When you walked in the same room as Hannah, you felt something different. As one of my small primary kids said while simply looking at a picture of Hannah, "I feel like Jesus is here." She taught the gospel while here on the Earth, and now she is continuing on that teaching in a different way. We miss Hannah, but are so thankful we got a chance to meet her.
My gorgeous sister Heather & Hannah Girl

Derek is definitely the favorite Uncle in the Whimpey family. All the kids love him. He will be such a good dad someday! The kids love to steal Derek's hats (he is always wearing one). He tried telling Abbie that his hat is sacred and shouldn't be messed with. About 15 mintues later she had Derek come look at a message she wrote him on her white board. It says, "Derek, maybe when you think something is sacred, think of the temple not your hat. Your neice, Abbie"
Our life isn't that exciting lately, but we are enjoying it. We are both in school and working. I have 3 jobs that keep me running 6 days out of the week. Infact, Der said a couple of Sunday's ago that it was weird being with me for longer than 2 hours. Luckily neither of us work or study on Sunday so it's our day together. We can't wait til December when we both have some time off!