Thursday, December 11, 2008

Life Update

Well, I am clearly horrible at updating our blog, but I am finally out of school for 4 weeks so now I have no excuse. Here's what's been going on the last month or so.

Derek's birthday

Another hunting trip for Derek. He went with all his brothers and his dad. He was gone about 5 days and had way too much fun. I always secretly hope he doesn't kill anything so maybe he'll change his hobbies. I must not be praying hard enough yet!
Thanksgiving with the kids--way cute kids, huh!!!. We had Thanksgiving at Dale & Ann's house where we had fondu (our version of a turkey dinner). Jen & Lance and Mel & Brock also came. Not the same without Mom & Dad, but it was still a great day!!!
Temple lights and Jazz game. . . all in one night!
Laurie, Rachael, Hayden, Me

Dad went on a trip to Washington in November. I loved these pics of Amy's kids so I thought I'd post them. I miss her family like crazy and wish we saw them more.

Syd in her riding gear.
Sammi in her riding gear

Jake & Dad went fishing while he was there. Here's one of the many fish they caught. Derek was really jealous when he saw these pics.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The Saturday before Halloween, the family went to mom and dad's and painted pumpkins. Mom made homemade soup that was delicious and the kids had a blast! (Note to Aunt Jude. . . I put names of parents in parentheses for you. . .there's getting to be lots of us these days. Did you know Jen is pregnant? It's a boy!!!)
Reiss (Mel), Charlee (Mel), Cael (Jen)
Lauren just liked eating the paint (Dale)

Halloween night we were in Heber and went trick-or-treating with the kids. Charlee and Drew were so, so into trick-or-treating. They practically ran from house to house leaving behind Reiss, Heath, and Lauren. Derek and I ended up taking Reiss and Heath and doing some houses at their own pace. Here's most everyone in their costumes.

Reiss the mean witch and Charlee the kitty--mom made these costumes

Maylie the ladybug. . . she was so incredibly cute in this costume!!! (Derek's Family)

Riley the teenage mutant ninja turtle (Derek's Family)

Bubba (Melanie's) the doggie and Derek. Bubba was so funny with his costume. He threw a fit when Mel tried to put it on him and then when she finally got it on him, he wouldn't take it off.

Cute Rachael

Me and Reissa. . . I love this little girl!!!

Mel looking all good in Reissa's witch hat. Reiss ditched the hat soon after the
trick-or-treating started!
Drew the fireman (Dale's)
Holly sent me this pics of her kids and I thought they were so cute I had to post them. Holly made all of these costumes. . . she did an amazing job!!!

Isaac the Storm TrooperEnoch the carnitore (don't ask me, I guess it's some kind of dinosaur)
Baby Zeke the seal

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Fall is over. . .almost! I love the fall, but we got up to the canyon a little late this year to take pics so they aren't too colorful! Here's a couple of them!

Fall brings hunting season for Derek. Last weekend was the elk hunt and in a few weeks will be a week long of shooting pheasants. Here are some pics of the beautiful hunters in all their orange!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Kohler Family Dinner

Last Sunday we went up to Heber for dinner with the Kohlers. We went on a picnic up around Snake Creek. It was lotsa fun. Brad & Camille couldn't come, but the rest of the family was there! Troy, Derek, Riley, Jaycee, Scott, Mike

Baby Dannon. . . isn't she beautiful!!!

Scott & MaKaylee & Family

My very handsome husband!

Derek & I also hiked Stewart Falls a couple of weeks ago. Derek had never been there which I couldn't believe, so I took it upon myself to show him the falls. They are very beautiful and it's a fun, easy hike that we could fit in with our busy schedules.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lake Powell

Lake Powell, otherwise known as "The Greatest Place On Earth" in the dictionary of the Whimpey family, has come and gone again. It was a good trip and always adventerous when Dad is along. Mom made the best food and kept our stomachs full from sun up to way past sun down. Amy, Heather, and Mel and their families weren't able to come which was a bummer. The kids loved Lake Powell, even little Zeke loved the warm water.

Cael & Lance (Lance really is in the air though it looks like his foot is still on the rock)


Most of the group after cliff jumping.


Dad soaking up the water in his stylin' hat. If you are wondering sisters, he still does the "Ohs", Ahs", and groans when he jumps into cool off. His belly flop is one of the best!

Jen & Lance looking all cute!
Mom, Mara, and Enoch making their best faces.

Baby Zeke

Dad with one of his best smiles and ofcourse, his "boat hair".

Matthew brought his kayaks which were a hit.
Dale, Ann, Drew, Lauren, & Adriana ready for a boat ride.

Holly & Enoch.

Eden Jane

On the way down, the boat got a flat tire. The adventure started when Dad forgot to blow up the boat spare tire. Luckily we weren't traveling alone. Aunt Janet took Dad to Ticaboo to blow up the tire. Nice jack Daddy!!!